söndag 31 oktober 2010

Öresund Competition--"Sexy and Attractive "(Fräckt o Läckert)

In this competition, we received a FQ of the floral fabric, 3 buttons, a green string and several glass beads to make a quilt any where between 40-100cm. The first thing, both Kjell and I thought of, was sexy underclothes. It was more elegant to make a corset than a 2-piece outfit, and wanting to make it more unusual,  I added the angel wings. I called it "Angel Support size 36D---Made in Heaven".
I received third prize and also the People's Choice Award!

 Notice the quilting details and a bit of bling.
 Here are a few of the 3-D flowers I made. Was great fun, but took an awful lot of time, thinking, planning, sewing and quilting and beading.This will definitely not be my last competition! I'm hooked!
 You can see all of the other competition quilts at  http://www.oresundsquiltarna.se/

tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Competition Quilt from Quiltköping (Lidköping)

This is my first competition from Lidköping, Sept.2010. You bought a little bag with 5 FQ of striped fabrics--very different, very frustrating. I spent several uninspiring days looking at them and even bought my 6th fabric, green, which did not get me going.......After coming home from the States, I really wanted to get started on a table cloth and had read all the directions, had the fabric all laid out to go, but told myself that I had to do the competition
quilt before I could have fun with my new fabrics. Low and behold, one of the new fabrics lay beside my competition stripes and WOW! everything fell into place. I worked until late night and surprised myself with a quiet, traditional, beautiful quilt--which did take about a week to complete. I was very, very delighted to get third place out of 77 quilts. If you are interested in seeing all 77, you can visit http://www.tygeroting.blogspot.com/