tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Competition Quilt from Quiltköping (Lidköping)

This is my first competition from Lidköping, Sept.2010. You bought a little bag with 5 FQ of striped fabrics--very different, very frustrating. I spent several uninspiring days looking at them and even bought my 6th fabric, green, which did not get me going.......After coming home from the States, I really wanted to get started on a table cloth and had read all the directions, had the fabric all laid out to go, but told myself that I had to do the competition
quilt before I could have fun with my new fabrics. Low and behold, one of the new fabrics lay beside my competition stripes and WOW! everything fell into place. I worked until late night and surprised myself with a quiet, traditional, beautiful quilt--which did take about a week to complete. I was very, very delighted to get third place out of 77 quilts. If you are interested in seeing all 77, you can visit http://www.tygeroting.blogspot.com/  

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